Real-time Met-Ocean Observation System at Zirku Island
The “Real-time Met-Ocean Observation System at Zirku Island” is aimed to serve current meteorological and oceanographic information.

The project scope was design, delivering and installation of Meteo-Oceanographic Systems in Zirku Island offshore at three different locations; namely Zirku Offshore Repeater Tower (OSR), Zirku Jetty and Zirku Airport to provide a real-time-data for the weather parameters and sea water profiles to enable Zirku terminals, Jetty and Airport to operate safely and efficiency.

The site survey on Zirku island conducted on the 27th and 28th of April 2010 resulted in the requirements of a unique combination of AWOS and oceanographic measurement.

The versatility of the IMS 4 application software allowed to design the customized system far beyond the standard commercial-off-the-shelf SCADA or AWOS targeting all the needs.


  • Supply and install system in harsh marine conditions of Persian Gulf – onshore and offshore locations
  • Integration of meteorological and oceanographic observation to one system
  • Combination of variety communication networks

Our solution

  • Automatic weather stations AMS111 collect data from different sensors at three locations situated onshore and offshore
  • All measured data are displayed using IMS4 application software at ATC tower, Radio room and Marine Team leader office and also distributed to other client`s computers
  • Archive is based on reliable and stable Climatological Database CLDB


  • In March 2012, we have received confirmation of high level of client satisfaction with system performance
  • High possibility of extension of similar systems to other locations (islands, oil rigs) in this area