IMS Road Weather Information System, Dubai
After a serious car accident in March 2008, Dubai Municipality decided to purchase and install a road fog early warning and forecasting system. As for each business opportunity, choice of the right partner is the essential step to be done. MicroStep-MIS with its partner Unique has been chosen by Dubai Municipality to realize the project.

Together we‘ve built a quite unique and complex road warning system for the Municipality of Dubai. IMS Road Weather Information System has been installed in 2009 and is operating properly till today. System establishes 8 Automatic Road Weather Stations, and further integrates 5 existing weather stations as well as a buoy used for measurement of water temperature and water level. Powering of the devices is ensured by using high performance solar panels.

The data-center delivered by MicroStep-MIS is connected with the Dubai Municipality central database, providing up-to-date and fully comprehensive data for the system 24 hours a day.

Ensuring complex approach to the fog prediction and enriching the visibility measurements, the system is also available online on the Municipality website to provide further monitoring & analysis features.


  • Improve safety by comprehensive fog predictions
  • Rapid development, integration & delivery

Our solution

  • Very complex system
  • Emerging technology installation
  • Monitoring & forecasting solution preventing road accidents


  • Wide utilization of the system
  • High success in predictions
  • Fast delivery