Dammam and Riyadh Airports
The Dammam and Riyadh Automated Weather Observation Systems have been the starters of MicroStep-MIS attendance in great global projects.


  • To deliver and deploy the IT part of the AWOS for the CAT III airport within few months (Dammam airport was under construction)
  • To install the complete communication infrastructure, the dual hot failover Central System and more than 45 client computers and displays over the airports including ATIS VOLMET service
  • To interface numerous existing systems (radars, satellite receivers, ATC system, Low level windshear alert systems)
  • To ensure smooth system transition before December 31, 1999

Our solution

  • Installation of the FSK modem line network using the existing cabling
  • Deployment of the IMS 3 AWOS system including Central Computers, Observer and Forecasting workstations, Briefing workstations, Aviation Weather Displays


  • First installation of the IMS AWOS systems at CAT III airports (8 x RVR, 4 x ceilometer, multiple AWS)
  • Briefing workstations processing codes (METAR, TAF, SIGMET) from all the world
  • Project followed by the installation of the IMS Observer Workstations at 25 local airports in 2002 and comprehensive radiation monitoring system in 2004