References and Success Stories

Have a look at Summary of References and Success Stories.
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Summary of our References and Success Stories
Have a look at our Summary of References and Success Stories.
POVAPSYS - Flood Warning System
Implementation of the flood mitigation program.
PAGASA Unified Meteorological Information System
Integration of current observing facilities and implementation of unified meteorological information system
Calibration Laboratory
Implementation of automated calibration laboratory for relative humidity and pressure.
Early Warning System, Dubai Municipality
Creation of sandstorm forecasting and monitoring system as part of the web based Dubai Municipality visibility monitoring system.
Dammam and Riyadh Airports
The Dammam and Riyadh Automated Weather Observation Systems have been the starters of MicroStep-MIS attendance in great global projects.
AWOS for 67 airbases, Indian Air Force
Required to operate reliably in the Himalayas as well as in tropic climate - after 5 years all systems function reliably.
IMS Road Weather Information System, Dubai
Installation of a road fog early warning and forecasting system for Dubai Municipality.
Volcanic Ash Trajectories and their Environmental Impacts, Study for the Al Ays Region
The project provides ash dispersion and impact study for Al Ays region in different seasons of year.
Real-time Met-Ocean Observation System at Zirku Island
Real-time Met-Ocean Observation System serves current meteorological & oceanographic information.
Network of 36 Automatic Weather Stations
Installation of 36 Automatic Weather Stations in harsh climatological conditions of Africa.