POVAPSYS - Flood Warning System
Regular occurrence of the floods and increased rate of flash floods triggered long-term effort of the Slovak Republic focused on the flood mitigation.

The flood mitigation program consists of several components - civil engineering, monitoring and research, warning systems. The project POVAPSYS focuses mainly on infrastructure monitoring and research of facilities.


  • Integration of many data types
  • Complex modeling with ensemble data inputs
  • Advanced mapping with complex layers
  • Short delivery period

Our solution

  • Operational database integrating SQL data and metadata as well as non SQL data
  • Hydrological models integrated into IMS Model Suite framework / HYPOS portal: HBV rainfall-runoff model, HEC-HMS rainfall-runoff model and HEC-RAS 1D flow model
  • Map server with OGC web services


  • Setup, calibration and validation of hydrological models for territory of Slovakia (49.036 km2) and less detailed models for Danube / Morava / Bodrog basins out of Slovakia (131.000 km2)
  • Model performance validated not only using validation datasets, but in real operation during floods on rivers Ipe? and Slan√° in February 2016
  • Fully automated operation of the models

Flash Point