Revolutionary compilation of industry-proved devices, Phenomen 61, is a highly reliable choice for WMO 4680 table weather codes detection.

Phenomen 61 involves:
  • Visibility Sensor
  • Disdrometer
  • Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • MicroStep-MIS advanced Weather Processing Algorithm technology incorporated into the IMS4 application software (installations with PC) or into the AMS 111 Data Logger (installations without PC)
The selected combination of sensors enables the Phenomen 61 system to ensure stable, reliable, and accurate measurement of the following parameters:
  • Visibility (up to 40 000 m) and visibility related phenomena
  • Liquid and solid precipitation, precipitation intensity

Key Features

  • 61 WMO 4680 weather codes detection
  • SYNOP wawa 4680, wawa 4677, and METAR 4678 weather codes
  • Low power consumption
  • Robust build
  • Type, intensity, and total rainfall measurement for both solid and liquid precipitation
  • Amount of new snow measurement
  • Accurate visibility measurement

Typical Usecase

  • Professional automatic weather stations
  • Airport weather observation systems
  • Hydrological and road weather systems
  • Scientific research

Phenomen 61 is the result of more than 10 years MicroStep-MIS experience with the visibility and present weather sensors. The Phenomen 61 sensor kit brings:
  • Highly competitive price
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Robustness and resistance to windy and extreme environment conditions
  • Low power consumption < 8 W and weight < 9 kg

Phenomen 61 - Product sheet