The Acoustic Wave and Current profiler (AWAC) performs measurement of wave height, wave direction and the full current profile using the unique acoustic surface tracking (AST) feature.


  • 400 kHz version of the AWAC
  • ProLog Internal Processor
  • Special ice detection algorithm
  • Improved pressure sensor
  • SeaState 2.0 for online data collection

The system can resolve waves from 1 to 100 s. AWAC provides current profiler and a wave directional system in one unit. AWAC can measure the current speed and direction in 1-meter thick layers from the bottom to the surface. Possible as powered from network also as stand-alone, as bottom moored or mounted on subsurface buoys. Wave direction is calculated by combining AST with orbital velocity measurements in an array near the surface.

Totalizer is precipitation gauge suitable for sites where is it necessary to decide for measurement units which can measure for longer time unattended. Long maintenance intervals are needed thanks to large volume of collecting container. Other main features are: easy installation, no heating required and no moving parts.

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