Tower Rain Gauge
Tower rain gauge with self-emptying tipping bucket is a reliable low cost high quality rain gauge ideal for small weather stations, irrigation, and consumer purposes.


  • More accurate measurements
  • Only one adjustment screw which makes it easy to recalibrate
  • Bucket made in POM, which is a more dismissive material and therefore makes dust and dirt not stick so easily on the spoon and maximize water release.

Typical Applications

  • Agrometeorology
  • Small weather stations
  • Highway Authorities
  • Outdoor sport facilities
  • Schools

Rain collector/Tipping bucket

Tower measures the precipitation by means of a funnel (ori?ce 50 cm2), which leads the water down into the self-emptying tipping POM bucket, held in place by a hard ferrite magnet. The magnet always exerts just enough tension to allow the measuring bucket to empty in one quick movement (less than 300 ms) and then return to its normal position, ready to once again collect precipitation. This means the counter weight always remains the same opposite to other conventional two spoons tipping bucket rain gauges.

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Tower Rain Gauge - Product sheet