Evaporimeter pan and wooden or plastic platform are built to WMO standards for class “A” evaporimeters. The evaporimeter pan is made from stainless steel. Water level sensor is installed in pan and probe position is ensured by holder.

Piezometric water level sensor has various interfaces as RS485 or SDI-12 and is connected to data aquisition system (data logger). Evaporimeter can be equiped with a floating temperature sensor.

The TSP digitally compensated pressure transmitter combines advanced piezoresistive metal sensor and transmitter design. Output signal of pressure sensor is gained, digitized and worked in CPU with 16 bit A/D converter, which enables better pressure transmitter linearity and temperature compensation. Output D/A converter is 12 bit. TSP is designed for level measurement in tanks, evaporation pans.

Evaporimeter Pan DYI010 - Product sheet