The ventilated weather and radiation shields RS12T and RS24T were developed to reduce the influence of thermal radiation on the measurements of temperature and humidity to a minimum and represent state-of-the art technology.

It is designed to offer optimum protection in stormy weather, even against horizontally driven rain and snow.


Apart from the different fan and its supply voltage (RS12T with 12 VDC and RS24T with 24 VDC) these shields are absolutely identical. The fan is supplied by a separate cable.

Thanks to optimum protection of probes against precipitation and radiation the temperature and humidity values are almost 100% identical with the effective conditions. This is achieved by clever combination of air-flow and double-shell protection.


The weather protection shields are maintenance-free, because they don’t contain wear parts. Only the probes need periodical calibration and replacement of filters.

Radiation Shield RS12 & RS24 - Product sheet