SEMS Seismological Monitoring System
Seismological monitoring system is a package of products for data acquisition, archival and management of seismic networks. System provides comfortable access to regular tasks in seismic network operation.


  • Java platform. System runs on various platforms (Linux, Windows, Solaris)
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Compatibility with standard data exchange protocols
  • SeedLink and AutoDRM
  • Modular architecture

Seismological monitoring system consists from two main parts:
  • Station data acquisition system
  • Central data acquisition system

Station data acquistion system

Station data acquisition system is the first part of SEMS system working with measured data. It provides tools for data acquisition, processing, archiving and exchange. Graphical user interface, which can be accessed remotely, makes the use of system intuitive and straightforward. System runs on personal or industrial computers. Data acquisition module provides reliable acknowledged protocol for communication with AD converter. It supports various data formats (GSE, SEED, ASCII).

Data processing module includes filtering and triggering. System supports application of user defined FIR filters. Trigger algorithm uses hierarchical tree of elementary trigger algorithms, which enables precise trigger setting. System is ready for data exchange using SeedLink and AutoDRM services. It supports different communication media-telephone lines, GSM modems, internet, HF transmission. Configuration module makes it easy to configure any part of the system.

Central Data Acquisition Center

Central acquisition system receives data from SEMS seismic stations. Using SeedLink and AutoDRM services, it is capable of receiving data from external sources as well as providing data to different users. Central acquisition system provides tools for state-of-health monitoring of stations connected to the system. It is possible to configure remote stations using special service messages or direct access to their user interface.

SEMS Seismological Monitoring System - Product sheet