SBIM is a low-cost intelligent solar charger and power supply provider combined into one compact unit.

SBIM charges the 12 V or 24 V lead-acid batteries and provides power supply to the connected devices. Solar charger SBIM is suitable for majority of powering systems where battery backup is needed or precise information about power supply is required.

Charging control is performed by using a powerful microcontroller. The intelligent charger supports connection of external temperature sensor DS18S20 for measuring battery temperature. SBIM features SDI-12 interface for parameters configuration and data access. Actual status is shown by four status LEDs and interface button brings additional features as turning of output, showing status and other.


  • Charging 12 V or 24 V lead-acid batteries with high rate current
  • Power output with battery protection
  • External temperature sensor for temperature compensation
  • SDI-12 communication interface
  • Operating currents, voltages and coulomb counting measurements
  • Overload, overvoltage and reverse polarity resistant with notifications
Digital Barometer MSB181

Solar Panel Charge Controller - Product sheet