The MicroStep-MIS AMS-111 II system is designed for standard, temporary or mobile meteorological stations, as well as for the applications in areas where the commercial power or communication networks are limited or non-exist.

The AMS 111 II interfaces with a various sensors and telecommunication devices. Embedded with the state-of-the-art software, AMS 111 II is the reliable and cost-effective solution for meteorological and environmental monitoring.


  • Military class equipment
  • Military design optional
  • Aviation weather observation
  • Climatological observation
  • Synoptic observation
  • Radiation & environmental monitoring

Consisting of the building blocks interconnected by RS 485 system bus, AMS 111 II serves as a modular and flexible platform for construction of various measuring and logging systems, which include AMS 111 II modules, intelligent sensors, displays and PC-s.

System flexibility allows wide application range from simple compact system to multipurpose stations. 24 bit A/D conversion and software features such as data validation and quality control ensure the accuracy of the measured data.

System supports data output to RS 232/485 lines, modems and cellular phones (SMS, GPRS), radiomodems and satellites. PPP protocol support makes AMS 111 II Internet-ready.
Automatic Weather Station AMS 111

Small field station example

AMS 111 II Automatic Weather Station - Product sheet