MRD-20 RVR Display
MicroStep-MIS MRD-20 Display is equipment used to display three runway-visibility-range values and real time (read from RVR data message) in common display.

MCD-20 contains advanced micro-controller system for computing ICAO-compliant values from incoming data. The RVR values are obtained from transmissometers or forward scatters (situated at TDZ , middle and END runway zones).

Display shows runway designator in the upper right corner. Runway switch allows to select incoming data (corresponding to one of predefined runways) from common serial line.

MRD-20 is designed for professional meteorological use at the airports. following the standards of international authorities (ICAO and WMO). It can be used as desktop device or can be mounted on a wall or integrated into a panel.


RVR numeric displays:
  • Runway Visibility Range at touchdown zone (TDZ)
  • Runway Visibility Range at the middle third of runway (MID)
  • Runway Visibility Range at the last third of runway (END)
  • Real time (24 hour format)

MRD-20 RVR Display - Product sheet