The USB-SDI / SDI-SIM serves as a converter between the SDI-12 bus and the USB bus. The SDI-12 is a communication standard for interfacing a data recorder with sensors. The USB-SDI/SDI-SIM can be set to act as a data recorder or as a sensor.

The USB-SDI / SDI-SIM in data recorder mode allows to send commands on the SDI-12 bus via a USB. This mode is mainly to test sensors or monitoring communications on an existing bus. The data recorder mode can be also used to collect a response from sensors using a PC serial terminal application or a custom software.

In a sensor mode, the USB-SDI/SDI-SIM acts as a standard SDI-12 sensor and response to SDI-12 recorder commands. All responses are programmable and adjustable and therefore the USB-SDI/SDI-SIM can act as any sensor. In sensor mode, the USB-SDI/SDI-SIM analyzes the communication via SDI-12 bus and sends reports via a USB bus to a PC.


  • Powered by USB
  • Analyze SDI-12 communication
  • SDI-12 bus simulator function
  • SDI-12 monitor function

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