The MicroStep-MIS Crisis Information System is a complex crisis management and decision support system for the radiological, environmental, hydrological as well as seismological emergence.

The system is a result of the MicroStep-MIS long time experience in the field of the monitoring and information systems.

The Crisis system interfaces the real-time data including:
  • Meteorological data
  • Seismological data
  • Hydrological data
  • Radiation data
  • Marine data
  • Air quality monitoring subsystems
MicroStep-MIS Crisis Information System incorporates the dispersion models for modeling of short time or continuous release and dispersion of pollutant (radioactive or non-radioactive), short or long range atmospheric transport and diffusion under changing weather conditions, wet and dry deposition and radioactive decay, as well as seismological data analysis module.

The Crisis system can be used for simulation of the fictive emergency scenarios, at the moment of the accident or during the long-term actions implemented months or years after an accident.

The main users of the system are usually the authorities responsible for the crisis management at local, regional, or national levels. The optional subsystems include but are not restricted to call center with digital recording systems, GIS and warning and notification systems.

The models and data bases comply with the international standards in the respective areas, however can be customized to meet the geographical, climatic, and environmental, as well as organizational specifics of the customer.

Design of the system

Infrastructure deployment

Crisis Information System - Product sheet