Highly integrated pressure calibrator

Pressurewell is all you need to accurately calibrate pressure sensors in one box. No need for external gas sources, compressors or vacuum pump. Everything required is already built-in, small and silent.

Regulator algorithm

Sophisticated regulator algorithm provides fast response, no overshoot, high stability of the pressure setpoint.

Reference sensor

Pressurewell features highly accurate, stable and reliable pressure sensor, which is used as a feedback sensor and also as a reference.

Calibrated sensors

A number of pressure sensors can be connected directly to Pressurewell using high-quality pressure connectors. The connectors have the auto-shutoff feature. The unused ports are automatically shut. Pressurewell optionally features readout card with six inputs for sensors. The outputs are analog voltage, the inputs are SDI-12 and 5 V UART compatible. RS-232, RS-485 and other buses may be also specified. The readout card connects to the rear panel of Pressurewell. It solves the question how to read the calibrated sensor values during calibration. It also saves space and reduces the number of lab PC ports.