Runway Visual Range System
The IMS4 Runway Visual Range system peforms the automated runway visual range assessment and reporting for the airports.


  • Transmissometer, forward scatter technology or combination
  • ICAO compliance with CAT I, II and CAT III
  • Real time data processing / visibility forecasts
  • Multiple sensor interfaces (modem, fibre optic, wireless)
  • Standalone system or integrated within AWOS / AWDSS
  • RVR data on the Net

Field Sensors

The typical set of IMS RVR field measurement system consists of transmissometers, forward scatters or combination of both, background luminance sensors as well as interfaces to runway lights systems. Multiple types of sensors and communication interfaces are supported.

The data processing software enables any standard or non standard combination of sensor positions along the runways, hot backup of the sensor values and manual data entry. For each sensor type, the evaluation and visualization of the sensor status as well as remote maintenance is provided.

IMS4 RVR Server

Standard COTS Intel based server or a dual hot failover cluster, the IMS RVR server collects the visibility, background luminance and runway lights intensity data from the field measurement system, calculates the RVR, distributes the data to displays as well as 3rd party systems; it also provides operators with alerts related to the significant thresholds of the visibility and/or RVR.

In case of the integration of the RVR system into AWOS, the RVR values are displayed on the local as well as remote AWOS screens, are imported into METAR/SPECI and local routine or special reports, may trigger AUTOSPECI or serve as a basis of the airport operation category assessment.