Low Level Windshear Alert System
Answering customers’ needs, MicroStep-MIS presents a state-of-art top-quality Low Level Windshear Alert System, a considerably approaching technology mightily decreasing the riskiness of crucial flight phases of takeoff and landing procedures.

The low level windshears with a gain or a loss & microbursts have become a highly considered threat for CAT III International Airport Hubs as well as non-CAT local airfields. All of these factors are targeted by the automatic, durable & reliable MicroStep-MIS LLWAS system.


  • UCAR Phase-3 LLWAS algorithm compliance
  • Turn-key delivery from site survey and engineering to lifetime support
  • Multiple sensor interfaces (modem, fiber optic, wireless)
  • Standalone system or integrated within AWOS / AWDSS

Field measurement system

A low level windshear alert system contains multiple – at least 6 wind stations installed near the airport. As the windshear phenomenon requires unique measurement techniques across different airports, selection of proper sites and optimization of the algorithm are a crucial issue for the site surveying teams. Therefore, MicroStep-MIS avails its most experienced teams to provide turn-key solution proposals built specially to fit customers’ needs and expectations.


Standard COTS server or a dual hot failover cluster, the IMS4 LLWAS server collects measurements, performs the validations and recalculations, runs the algorithm to detect the windshear, generates the alerts and distributes data and alerts to displays and 3rd party systems.