Aeronautical Climatological Database
Climatological database (CLDB) is a MicroStep-MIS database system addressing the needs of the meteorological institutes to store the high-volume long-term meteorological, climatological and environmental data.

The CLDB stores all collected data in one unified structure, thus avoiding data inconsistencies and discrepancies and enabling standard comfortable data access for all users and other software systems. No additional data storage and no different and confusing data formats are needed.


  • Based on cutting edge technologies (Oracle Database, Java)
  • Scalability up to thousands of stations and variables
  • Component-based software design
  • Extensible to dual architecture with replicated server or cluster
  • Compatible with MS Office, Windows, Linux (multiplaltform server and web clients, Windows clients)
  • Using ODBC interface, 3rd party applications can retrieve data
  • CLDB fulfills WMO outlined criteria for new climatological RDBMS (new generation of Relational Database Management Systems)

Aerodrome climatological summaries:

  • for planning of aerodrome operations
  • indicate probability of occurrence of low visibility, low cloud base etc. throughout the year and for a specific hours of a day

Basic ICAO/WMO prescribed forms:

  • Frequencies of the occurrence of RVR /visibility and/or height of lowest cloud base of BKN or OVC extent below specified values at specified times
  • Frequencies of visibility below specified values at specified
  • Frequencies of the height of the base of the lowest cloud layer of BKN or OVC extent below specified values at specified times
  • Frequencies of occurrence of concurrent wind direction (in 30 degrees sectors) and speed within specified ranges
  • Frequencies of surface temperature (screen) in specified ranges of 5 degrees Celsius at specified times


  • Select
  • Reports
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Thermodynamical diagram
  • Wind Rose
  • DB Manager
  • Web Interface
  • Image Viewer
  • Import of historical data